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European Administrative Center

Online Dispute Resolution
makes justice more accessible
Protect preventively, collect invoices or assert another right.
According to the Standard Dispute Rules the arbitral court is entitled to sit in any country (national - international - offshore).

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Formerly, arbitration was a privilege,
today it is a right for everyone.

The digital tribunal without borders.
Since 1958 enforceable in 142 countries
Institute of Arbitration - Nederlands Arbitrage Instituut - German Institution of Arbitration - Danish Institute of Arbitration - London Court of Arbitration
Chambre d'Arbitrage de Paris - Milan Chamber of Arbitration - Malta Arbitration Center - Spanish Court of Arbitration - America (AAA) - Brasil (CIESP)
Dubai (DIAC) - India (IDAC) - Singapore (SIAC) - China (CIATEC) - Shanghai (SHIAC) - e-Justice

This platform is designed for individuals, business, States and their lawyers. The digital tribunal intended to simplify access to local justice, without borders.
Digital hearings increase efficiency, reduce costs and carbon footprint, avoid travel and save everyone valuable time.
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